GravitasMD is a cloud-based, full-featured, Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) solution that is designed to be a straight-forward, functional system that is easy to implement, easy to use, and that gives your providers and your staff the tools you need to effectively manage your patients and your practice. There's nothing else like it.
GravitasMD EHR includes:
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Alerts
  • Full Reporting
  • Unlimited Claims Processing
  • Automated Intake Forms
  • PHQ-9 Online Forms
  • Full Patient Charting
  • e-Laboratories
  • Unlimited Training
  • 24x7 System Availability
  • Support for Multiple Locations

Discounts are available for multiple Providers processing claims and patients under the same Medical Group.

GravitasMD Billing includes:
  • Process your claims efficiently and effectively
  • Get paid faster
  • Input CMS1500 and UB04 claims seamlessly in the familiar interface.
  • Supports multiple billing groups and providers.
  • Supports both in- and out-patient billing.
  • Submit claims electronically to your payer. No more paperwork.
  • Minimize errors and claim rejections.
  • No software or special hardware necessary.
  • Save time and receive payments faster.
  • Claim processing and by-patient claim history reports.

Discounts are available for multiple Providers processing claims under the one Medical Group.