GravitasMD is a full-featured, modern, Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) solution that has been designed to be a straight-forward, functional system that is easy to implement, easy to use, and that gives your providers and your staff the tools you need to effectively manage your patients and your practice.

Are you looking for a truly EHR system that is easy to use? Then look no further.

GravitasMD provides you with one single system and interface to meet all your practice needs.

GravitasMD is a cloud-based, fully-mobile solution that only requires you have internet access and a supported browser.

Unlike other solutions on the market, there are no "ads" or other "pop-ups" in GravitasMD and we do NOT data-mine your patient data and/or resell that data to anyone. EVER!

GravitasMD is fully committed to providing you with a single system that meets all your needs.


GravitasMD SupportGravitasMD has several options available to you for support.

User Product Support. When you have logged in to GravitasMD, you will see a menu item for Support. There you can submit a help desk ticket to us. We will contact you, either directly or via email to work to address your needs.

Training. GravitasMD has online training videos available from with the product. You can access them at any time and review them at your leisure. We can also provide you with web-based topic specific training, for you or for all your users. These sessions are generally can be tailored to meet any specific areas you need assistance with. Contact us for more information regarding your training needs.


GravitasMD is based on a per-provider monthly charge, regardless of the number of office staff using the system.

There are absolutely no hidden charges or upgrades.

You get everything for one small monthly charge.

Contact us for more detailed information.